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What they said

This two-day event is a massive statement of intent from the Hydrogen Council. We will showcase the role of hydrogen in the global energy transition to more than 100 industry leaders from around the world. This event needs to engage them in our mission and run like clockwork.

Attendees will be a mix of world leaders (Ursula von Der Leyen is delivering the closing address), CEOs, their ‘sherpas’ (translators and assistants) and other guests. We need to be able to share written documents and film securely beforehand on a virtual platform which also needs to facilitate the same level of discussion and networking as if our guests were in a room together.

Naturally, security needs to be of the highest order, and everything must run on time – to the minute.

The Hydrogen Council is a multinational pressure group whose purpose is to promote and deliver hydrogen as an alternative zero-emissions fuel for industry and transportation. It comprises representatives from governments and all major industry sectors – nobody wants to be left behind in the race for carbon neutral solutions.

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What we did together

We created a virtual event which delivered the same high levels of engagement as we would have done in a face-to-face scenario.

We deployed an interactive virtual event platform with several features to drive interactivity and engagement – eg. a pre-bookable networking function, live delegate camera feeds and two different kinds of chat. It’s stable, simple to use and secure (though of course we always have a plan B.

We created a full branded registration process and a meeting area so that delegates could find and connect with each other, even if they did not speak the same language.

We tested. And tested. And tested again. We gave every attendee (and sherpa) the opportunity to experience the platform prior to the event, integrating translation services and rehearsing presentations, live Q & A and private meetings.

We provided logistical and technical back up to delegates, to the Council’s secretariat and all the speakers so they didn’t have to worry about the next slide or film showing; it just happened.

Every member was represented at the meeting with much higher attendance than anticipated. Every session ran as planned and the Council achieved every one of its objectives.

VIPs including the presidents of global corporations and a selection of international politicians participated in an environment in which they felt secure and comfortable. Members were informed, engaged and felt their time had been well spent.

What we learned

Working on an international multilingual hybrid event is testing. We love being tested at every level, no matter who our client is. You can never test too much. We built confidence in the technology by testing patiently and answering queries quickly and competently. This reassured the Council and its members about the technology, so they could focus their attention on important decisions.

People still crave in-person events to debate complex and globally influential subjects. But when considered alongside the environmental and financial benefits of holding a global event virtually, our solution makes perfect sense, aligning with the purpose of the organisation.

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