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Customer Service Excellence

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 B2C — Employee Behaviour Measurement

Observe, record and quantify behaviours that affect your customers’ experience. This is mystery shopping taken to a whole new level. 

We know that your reputation, customer satisfaction and repurchase loyalty are the direct result of employee behaviours which affect your customers’ experience.

We measure and analyse employee behaviours with one aim: use what we observe to build a practical people development programme which refines behaviours to deliver a world class customer experience.

We have a database of more than 200 behavioural examples which ladder up to the six broad categories above. Our approach delivers a numerical score against each, to use as a point of comparison.

The observations we gather during our mystery shops feed directly into our training recommendations which are specific and actionable. We are happy to deliver customer excellence training ourselves, or work with an existing provider.

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 B2B – The Relationship Rating ™ 

This proprietary tool provides a clear, accurate picture of the emotional temperature of each client relationship in B2B environments, helping clients to know exactly where they stand with every customer across every service line in every industry sector and every market segment.

The Relationship Rating (TRR) addresses a fundamental issue with all client relationships: that clients don’t always give honest feedback and firms don’t always hear it.

The Relationship Rating helps to...

1. plot relationship strength and weakness across client relationships;

2. grow more efficient and profitable client relationships;

3. provide an early warning system on vulnerable clients; and

4. drive awareness of the importance of client relationships with your own teams.

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