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Internal Communications 


Strategy and message management

Align your internal communications strategy with your business strategy.

We’ll help you to strengthen your messaging and create an action plan that will empower your people to improve your organisation’s resilience and reputation.

1. We can develop your leaders to become able communicators, playing to their strengths to engender trust and teamwork.

2. Don’t let your values die on company posters. We’ll make your values meaningful, and work with you to embed them into your organisation as ‘the way we do things here’.

3. When bad things happen, it is just as important to manage communications with employees as it is with external stakeholders. Our plans include provision for crisis.


Content development

Don’t let information get in the way of communication. 

We want people to be emotionally vested in your mission, so we craft content carefully so your employees understand what they need to know, without overwhelming them.

1. Regardless of medium, successful communications begin with clear, crisp writing. We can write, edit and proof your content in your own tone and style.

2. Know how your messages land. We have measurement and evaluation techniques to remove the guesswork, so you can base improvements on real evidence.


Channel management

No two businesses are exactly alike.

The channels that work for one organisation may not work for the next, depending on its unique scope, geographical footprint and internal culture.

We’ll work with you to better understand your individual needs and challenges, and recommend the channels that will best work for you.

Everything we do is digital... but some people still don’t use smartphones at work. We don’t ignore traditional media where it makes sense. From newsletters to brochures, we design and deliver printed items that employees can hold in their hands.

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Event design

Internal events are powerful communication platforms.

They give your employees valuable time with your leaders, provide a forum for face-to-face discussion, break down silos and build company culture and trust. They’re also a fantastic opportunity to create a memorable, inspirational experience for your employees.

1. Internal events need a clearly defined purpose. We’ll work with you to establish useful objectives and set a meaningful agenda. Then we’ll add the fun stuff – to make the event unique, innovative and worth an employee’s time.

2. Event management is complex. We deliver fantastic events that meet their objectives and run like clockwork, coordinating every element.

3. Once the event is over, we evaluate what worked and what did not, interpreting feedback to help learn. 

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