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Leadership Support 

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Inspiring High Performance ™

This leadership development programme challenges experienced executives and aspiring ‘high potentials’ to adopt a performance mindset.

The result is a leadership cohort equipped and confident to grow their business in an environment of constant change.

We build this programme in four parts, each dealing with a different aspect of high performance leadership:

1. Mindset and identity of a leader

2. Making the most of networks

3. Aptitude for ongoing learning

4. Maintaining a healthy balance


Comms and media coaching

Not all leaders are communications experts.

We help them understand the power of well-constructed, well-delivered messages so they become able communicators, playing to their strengths, helping to engender trust and teamwork.

Our approach builds on the leadership identity material in our IHP programme. We help leaders choose the communications style that’s right for them, to build their profile and inspire their teams without diluting personal authenticity.

Most of our work in this area springs from a specific need – to deliver a keynote, for example, or where we have designed and produced content for an event or conference and we coach a leadership team to deliver it. However we also have a number of standalone successes with leaders new to roles that require them to stand before their peers and deliver with sincerity and impact. 

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This is our preferred behavioural learning model. It is easy to understand, interpret and apply in real life.

We are certified Master TetraMap® Facilitators and we apply it to improve collaboration, break down silos and enhance productivity.

What we like most about TetraMap is that it celebrates diversity of thought and promotes the flexing of working styles. We’ve employed TetraMap on its own and as part of IHP for corporate clients, not-for-profit organisations and professional sports teams in 22 countries. It works for anyone interested in creating a happier working environment with improved productivity and working relationships.


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