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I love a good mantra. We hear lots these days from internal comms and HR professionals about mission, vision, values and such but in truth, a good mantra is hard to beat and can often take the place of all that cuddly guf. Read more…



They say the only true certainties are death and taxes. This is no longer correct. There is a third… change… read more…


Re-birth of the concept

Music fans of a certain age and disposition will recall the 80’s fondly as the decade of the concept album; an hour or more of storytelling set to music…read more


Be a Top boarder

When I was about eight, my Mum used to drop me of at the local swimming pool on Saturday mornings with my mate Darrell…read more


Virtual Debut

Like any keen athlete, we’re always looking for ways to raise our game…read more



Our day to day lives have fast become reliant on emails whether its a last minute response to the boss on the commute home, hitting ‘reply all’ on the actions from a meeting or responding to a friend’s…read more